The production equipment

We provide consulting and select the necessary materials according to the purpose and structure of the part.



  Maximum workpiece dimensions, LxWxH (Length x Width x Height, mm)
Machining center HAAS VM-3   X1016 Y660 Z635 
Machining center Cincinnati Arrow-750 X762 Y510 Z510
Turning center HAAS SL-30     X500 Z650
Electrical discharge machine Sodick A30R-E   X300 Y200 Z200
Wire electrical discharge machine Sodick AQ325L X350 Y250 Z200
Wire electrical discharge machine Sodick A320D X350 Y250 Z200
Machining center OKUMA MU-5000V    X800 Y1050  Z600  A from +90 to-120 degrees, C360 degrees
Machining center OKUMA MB-66VA   X1500 Y660 Z660
Machining center OKUMA MB-56VA   X1050 Y560 Z460
Turning center OKUMA LB3000 EX-II   X340 Z450
Turning center OKUMA LB4000 EX-II      X480 Z750  
NC grinding center GER SRA 120/60   X1200 Y650 Z335
For less complex operations we use other mechanical turning, drilling, grinding, milling, and coordinate equipment.
Quality control is performed using DEA Global Performance and Brown & Shape Precizika M444A. Read more about quality control here.

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